Enteral Feeding Tube, PVC, DEHP Free

This feeding tube is designed for the delivery of fluids, nutrition and medications for patients who require intermittent or continuous tube feedings through the nasogastric or nasoenteral route. This feeding tube can only use for adult.


  • ENFit® Connector with vented Cap
  • Paper-Poly Bag, Sterile
Item No. Tube Size Tube Length/cm
EFT041 4Fr 40
EFT042 4Fr 75
EFT044 4Fr 125
EFT051 5Fr 40
EFT052 5Fr 75
EFT054 5Fr 105
EFT061 6Fr 40
EFT062 6Fr 75
EFT064 6Fr 125
EFT083 8Fr 90
EFT084 8Fr 125
EFT103 10Fr 90
EFT104 10Fr 125
EFT123 12Fr 90
EFT124 12Fr 125

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